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This website contains a number of email addresses, which are intended for personal communications with the website's authors and maintainers. By sending electronic mail to any of these addresses, or any email address in the and domains, the sender (i.e. you) explicitly consents to all of the following terms:
  1. to grant the recepient ( and maintainers and their associates or employees) a permanent, irrevocable licence to print, publish, or otherwise disseminate, in whole or in part, in any medium, electronic or otherwise, such email communications.

    Informally, this means that if you send me an email, by doing this you're allowing me to post it, including your name and email address, on my website or anywhere else. Generally I'll respect your privacy if you ask me to, but I reserve the right to publish your mail if we feel its content warrants this. If you don't like this policy then don't send an email.

  2. to send only non-commercial communications directly related to this website or its contents. Any other communication is prohibited by law, under the terms of The Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) (Direct Marketing) Regulations 1998 [Statutory Instrument 1998 No. 3170]. All emails to these addresses will be transmitted on a public telephone line and received by a facsimile device, and as such constitute unsoliticited calls defined by statute. This notice constitutes explicit prior notice to the sender that such calls must not be made. By s ending unsolicited commercial communications (whether these communications constitute solicitations of trade or not) you consent to pay a per-item storage and handling fee of 500 (five hundred) dollars US, payable within 28 days of the initial transmission of said email item.

    Informally, this means that if you send me commercial email that you can't prove I asked you to send, you're agreeing to pay me 500 US dollars for each and every such email.

NOTICE TO BULK E-MAILERS WITHIN THE UNITED STATES Pursuant to US Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, p. 227, any and all nonsolicited commercial E-Mail sent to any email address within the and domains, and any associated subdomains, is subject to a download and archival fee in the amount of Five Hundred Dollars US. E-Mailing denotes acceptance of these terms. Consider this official notification. Failure to abide by this will result in legal action.

"Spam" email from and

You may belive you have received unsolicited email from my domains ( and While it may well appear that way, that's a misleading appearance. Spam emailers often (it seems now almost always) forge the "from" field of emails; it's trivial for them to make an email appear to come from anyone. I get a lot of spam that appears to come from myself.

No-one with access to this domain's email system uses it to send spam or other unsoliticed emails. So please don't send me angry emails asking me to remove you from my mailing list - I don't have a mailing list, and I didn't send you any mail.

Informally, I'd strongly recommend you not reply to such spam emails - doing so only tells the spammers that they're sending to an address which is being read by a real person. They're very unlikely to take heed of your protests. Similarly, clicking those "please remove me from your list" links they put on their emails is generally a very bad idea.

Asking for image permissions

People sometimes email me to ask for permission to use images that are displayed here, or that I've uploaded to Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons (or that they've found mirrored somewhere else, usually taken from Wikimedia). If you're here for that purpose, please read this section before emailing.

I really do try to be rational and reasonable about licencing. I don't see any point in trying to charge money to anyone who wouldn't otherwise be paying. But vexingly I receive requests that I think aren't reasonable, where people who would reasonably expect to be paying imagine they can get away with not doing so.

GFDL (Wikipedia/Commons)

Some of my works (that's the Wikipedia stuff) are licenced under the GFDL and related licences. They're all explicitly marked as such. The GFDL is quite a complicated licence, and people mistake it to mean something like "it's on Wikipedia so I can do what I want with it". They're wrong. People mistake it for a public domain licence, and they're wrong too. I'm not a lawyer, and certainly not your lawyer, so don't ask me to clarify it for you. Almost every re-use I see of my work is, as I read the GFDL, illegal. Realistically I'm not going to sue people. But one can't rule out the prospect that, stricken by some future penury, I might not sell the copyright of those images to some sanguisuge copyright trolls. Wikipedia complies with the licence (mostly) - it's not for me to say that you do. To be safe, you probably want a commercial licence - see below.

Everything else - educational use

If you are a student in primary, secondary, or university or college undergraduate institution, and you want to use one of my images in an essay, thesis, presentation, or other submission as part of that education, you have my permission to use my images, without charge, in that context. Please credit me, and once you're done I'd appreciate a copy of your submission. This does NOT apply to teachers, lecturers, professors or other educators preparing materials for such students. It doesn't apply to people doing postgraduate qualifications, but you have my sympathies, so mail me and we'll work something out.

Everything else - non-educational use

You don't, as it stands, have permission to use my material. That doesn't mean I won't grant it, and depending on what you're proposing to do, I might well not want to charge you money. Please email me and tell me about you project; the more detail you can give, the easier things will be.

Some practical rules of thumb:

Sending email to me

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