:: Day of the Tentacle FAQ

Here are some questions I'm asked about DOTT.
QThese instructions don't work for me!
AAll I can say is that they do work for me, and for a number of other people who've read the same webpage you have. Sorry I can't be of more help.

DOTT was engineered almost without any concept of directories at all, and thus it's very poor at handling problems with incorrect "current directory" settings. If you run your version on a different drive, or in a different directory, then you need to be very careful about how you set everything up.

I'd recommend you got things working in exactly the way (directories, drives, etc.) as shown on the XP page, and only once that's okay should you try to get it to work in whatever other place you want.
QWhere do I get a version of the DOTT CD?
AI don't know of anywhere that sells it new. Lucasarts' used to sell it on their online store here, but now it seems they're only interested in selling Star Wars games. It seems to be widely available online in the second-hand market.
QCan you mail me a copy of the game? (you'd be surprised how often I'm asked this)
QDo the same instructions work for the floppy version of DOTT?
AI don't know, as I don't own a copy of the floppy version. I don't intend so spend any more time on DOTT, so please don't email me copies of the disks or anything like that.
QDo you know how to run DOTT on linux (or another OS)?
AI've not tried it, but I believe the free software "ScummVM" supports DOTT. Its homepage is:

I believe it runs on a number of platforms. A couple of people who had problems with DOTT on XP have told me that ScummVM worked perfectly for them.
QYour walkthrough does things in a weird/illogical/inefficient way. I have suggestions for optimising it.
AYou're probably right, but what's there should be enough to solve a problem with which anyone is stuck - I really doubt anyone is dull enough to actually sit and follow a walkthrough from beginning to end. I'm probably not going to fix anything other than an out-and-out error in the walkthrough.