:: Day of the Tentacle Walkthrough

Bernard         go into the office
Bernard         open portrait
Bernard         pickup swiss bankbook
Bernard         open drawer
Bernard         pickup the Booboo-B-Gone
Bernard         go into foyer
Bernard         pickup flier
Bernard         pickup dime from the payphone
Bernard         pickup help-wanted-sign
Bernard         open grandfather clock

[time travel cutscene]

Bernard         pickup paper (from board beside generator)
Bernard         send help-wanted-sign and flier to Hoagie

Hoagie          go into house, open the clock, and go through it, down to the lab
Hoagie          use help-wanted-sign with Red
Hoagie          pickup labcoat
Hoagie          pickup lefthanded-hammer
Hoagie          give patent application to Red 

Bernard         go upstairs, and through the door to the main hall
Bernard         open the grating
Bernard         walk to the chattering-teeth
Bernard         chase the teeth left, and keep doing so until they fall into the grating
Bernard         pickup the chattering teeth
Bernard         go through the swinging door into the kitchen/diner
Bernard         pickup the regular-coffee and decaf-coffee
Bernard         pickup the fork
Bernard         go into the laundry
Bernard         open the cabinet, and pickup the funnel
Bernard         go to Dr Fred's lab, and use the decaf-coffee with the mug

[Dr Fred sleepwalks into the office, and starts messing with the safe]

Bernard         go to the 2nd-floor-left room, and use the TV
Bernard         go to the 2nd-floor-middle room, and pickup the dissapearing ink
Bernard         go to the 2nd-floor-right room
Bernard         pickup the videotape
Bernard         push the right hand speaker
Bernard         use the stereo twice (once for on, again for off)

[The fake-barf, which is was stuck to the foyer ceiling, falls onto the floor]

Bernard         go down to the foyer, and pickup the fake-barf
Bernard         go to the third floor right room
Bernard         pickup the hamster
Bernard         go to the 2nd floor hall, and put the hamster into the ice machine, and close the lid.
Bernard         go to the attic, go out the window onto the roof, and pickup the crank

Hoagie          go into the main hall
Hoagie          use the flier with the suggestion box

[Hoagie thus amends the constitution, creating a shopvac that we will need, much later]

Hoagie          go into the pantry, pickup the oil and spaghetti
Hoagie          go into the laundry, open the cabinet and pickup the brush
Hoagie          pickup the bucket
Hoagie          go back into the pantry, and full the bucket with water at the water pump
Hoagie          go to 2nd-floor-left room.  Use the bed, then pull the cord
Hoagie          quickly go outside and pickup the soap
Hoagie          use the soap with the water bucket, making soapy water
Hoagie          go to 2nd-floor-right room, and pickup the wine bottle
Hoagie          go to the main hall, and use the wine bottle with the time capsule

Bernard         send the textbook to Hoagie

Hoagie          go to the third floor, where there is a horse
Hoagie          use the textbook on the horse

[the book bores the horse to sleep]

Hoagie          pickup the horse's teeth from the glass
Hoagie          go to the room opposite, where the sculptor brothers are
Hoagie          use the left-handed-hammer with the right-handed-hammer

[this ruins the sculpture.  The brothers change roles - this changes the
 handedness of the sculture in the future]

Hoagie          go to the attic
Hoagie          pickup the red paint
Hoagie          use Ned's bed
Hoagie          use squeaky mattress with Jed's bed
Hoagie          use the squeaky mattress

[this distracts the cat]

Hoagie          pickup the squeaky-toy
Hoagie          go out to the outhouses
Hoagie          use the red paint on the Kumquat tree
Hoagie          go into the main hall, and talk to George Washington
Hoagie          goad him into chopping down the "cherry" tree

[this frees Laverne in the future]

Laverne         talk to the guard, say you don't feel so good
Laverne         pickup the tentacle chart
Laverne         return to the kennel
Laverne         again, talk to the guard.  This time ask to go to the bathroom
Laverne         go to the chrono-john.  Send the chart to Hoagie.

Bernard         send the crank to Laverne

Hoagie          go to the 2nd-floor-middle room
Hoagie          use the chart with the patterns

[The US flag is changed to a tentacle-shaped windsock thing]

Laverne         return to the kennel
Laverne         once again, say you don't feel so good
Laverne         go into the main hall, and use the chimney to climb to the roof
Laverne         use the crank handle with crank box, and the use the crank
Laverne         pickup the flag, then use it

[Laverne dresses up as a highly patriotic tentacle]

Laverne         go down the chimney
Laverne         go upstairs, to the 2nd-floor-hallway
Laverne         open the icebox, and look at it
Laverne         pickup the frozen-hamster

Bernard         send Laverne the Booboo-B-Gone
Hoagie          send Laverne the squeaky mouse toy

Laverne         go outside, to where the black cat is playing
Laverne         use the Booboo-B-Gone on the fence

[the cat rubs against the fence, gaining a white stripe]

Laverne         use the squeaky mouse toy with the cat 
Laverne         go into the kitchen
Laverne         use the frozen hamster in the microwave
Laverne         back in the main hall, talk to the blue tentacle - he'll give Laverne
                tags for the human show

Laverne         go upstairs, to the 2nd-floor-left room - the time capsule is here

Hoagie          send Laverne the can-opener

Laverne         use the can-opener on the time capsule - you'll find the wine, which
                has since turned into vinegar
Laverne         send the vinegar to Hoagie
Laverne         go to the 2nd-floor-middle room
Laverne         pickup the extension cord
Laverne         pickup the roller skates, and use them with the mummy
Laverne         push the mummy

Hoagie          send the spaghetti to Laverne
Hoagie          send the red paint to Bernard

Laverne         go out to the lobby
Laverne         use the nametag with the mummy
Laverne         go to the chrono-john
Laverne         use the extension cord with the plug
Laverne         use the extension cord with the window
Laverne         send the scalpel to Bernard

Bernard         go to the main hall
Bernard         use the scalpel with the clown 

[the clown deflates, revealing its voicebox, the box'o-laughs]

Bernard         pickup the box'o-laughs
Bernard         send the box'o-laughs to Laverne
Bernard         send the fork to Laverne

Hoagie          send the dentures to Laverne

Laverne         go to the third floor (where the contestants for the human show are)
Laverne         use the wet soggy noodles on the mummy
Laverne         use the fork on the mummy
Laverne         use the box'o-laughs with the mummy's head
Laverne         use the dentures with the mummy's head

Bernard         go to the 3rd-floor-left room
Bernard         push Edna
Bernard         use videotape with VCR then use the VCR
Bernard         push record
Bernard         rewind
Bernard         change to EP
Bernard         play
Bernard         eject

[The IRS appears, grabs Dr Fred, and takes him away for interrogation in the attic]

Bernard         go downstairs to the office
Bernard         open the safe
Bernard         pickup contract
Bernard         go to main hall
Bernard         climb the chimney
Bernard         go through the right window
Bernard         pull the rope
Bernard         go out through the window onto the roof
Bernard         use rope with pulley
Bernard         go down chumney, and go outside
Bernard         use the red paint with Ted
Bernard         use the rope with Ted
Bernard         go back upstairs (via the chimney) to the roof
Bernard         pull rope
Bernard         go up to the roof again, through the chimney, and go inside through the window
Bernard         use Ted with Fred
Bernard         use rope with Fred
Bernard         go back to roof
Bernard         pull rope

[Fred falls - the scene cuts to Dr Fred's lab]

Bernard         use funnel with Fred
Bernard         use regular coffee with funnel

Hoagie          go out to the carrage
Hoagie          use soapy water with the carrage

[Hoagie tempts fate, and causes a thunderstorm.  This makes Ben Franklin go inside]

Hoagie          go to the mailbox, and open it
Hoagie          pickup the letter
Hoagie          send the letter to Bernard

Bernard         go to 2nd-floor-middle room
Bernard         give the letter to Dwayne
Bernard         pickup the flag-gun
Bernard         go to 2nd-floor-left-room
Bernard         close the door
Bernard         pickup the keys
Bernard         go outside, to where the masked man is breaking into the car
Bernard         give the masked man the keys - he gives Bernard the crowbar
Bernard         go to the lobby, and use the crowbar on the gum
Bernard         use the gum
Bernard         go to 2nd-floor-left room
Bernard         use both the dimes in the coinslot, and then pickup the sweater
Bernard         go to the 2nd-floor hallway
Bernard         use the crowbar on the candy vending machine
Bernard         pickup the quarters
Bernard         go to the laundry
Bernard         put the sweater into the dryer
Bernard         use the quarters with the dryer
Bernard         send the fake barf to Laverne

Laverne         go to the laundry, open the dryer
Laverne         pickup the sweater
Laverne         use the sweater with the hamster

Bernard         go to the main hall
Bernard         use the flag gun with the cigar-lighter gun
Bernard         talk to the salesman, and ask for a cigar
Bernard         send the cigar to Hoagie
Bernard         send the cigar lighter to Hoagie
Bernard         send the chattering teeth to Hoagie

[the salesman's exploding cigar stunt fails, leaving Bernard with an unexploded cigar]

Laverne         go back to the human competition
Laverne         use the barf with Harold 

[the tentacles disqualify Harold]

Laverne         get the judges to judge all three events of the competition

[the mummy wins]

Laverne         go to the kennel
Laverne         give the dinner certificate to the guard tentacle [he leaves]
Laverne         push switch
Laverne         use cat

[frightened by the "skunk", the humans flee]

Laverne         go through the clock to the lab
Laverne         use the extension cord with the outlet
Laverne         use the hamster with the generator
Laverne         use the shopvac with the mousehole
Laverne         open hatch, pickup dustball
Laverne         use the hamster with the generator

Hoagie          go to the main hall
Hoagie          give Washington the cigar  [it explodes]
Hoagie          give the chattering teeth to Washington
Hoagie          pickup the blanket
Hoagie          go to the roof, and use the blanket on the chimney
Hoagie          go back to the main hall, and pickup the quill pen
Hoagie          go to the lab, and give the oil, vinegar, and quill pen to Red Edison
Hoagie          pickup the battery
Hoagie          go to Franklin's room (2nd floor right)
Hoagie          give labcoat to Franklin
Hoagie          use battery with the pocket on the kite
Hoagie          push kite
Hoagie          pickup battery
Hoagie          go to the chrono-john
Hoagie          use the battery with the plug

Bernard         go to the lab
Bernard         give the contract to Dr Fred
Bernard         talk to Fred until he signs it
Bernard         go to 3rd-floor-right room
Bernard         use the dissapearing ink on the stamp album
Bernard         pickup stamp
Bernard         use stamp with the signed contract
Bernard         send contract to Hoagie

Hoagie          put contract into mailbox

[LucasArts' lawyer calls Dr Fred, and deposits $2Million in his swiss account]

Bernard         go to the office
Bernard         use the phone

[The giant diamond is delivered, and Dr Fred installs it. After much cutscene, the
 three, joined, are sent back to yesterday]

LaBerHo         in the 2nd-floor hallway, open the middle door
LaBerHo         let old-purple shrink you (y'all?)
LaBerHo         run into the middle room, and through the mousehole
LaBerHo         pickup the bowling ball
LaBerHo         go down to the lab in the cellar
LaBerHo         use the bowling ball on the tentacles
LaBerHo         talk to purple tentacle, until he shoots Fred.

[that's the end]