:: Secrets for area CHATEAU

Secret one

Find this sitting room, which is left of the main staircase. Shoot the picture of Hitler:

view of the sitting room and fireplace

This reveals a hidden button:

view with the hidden button exposed

Shoot the button:

view with the button depressed, having been shot

This causes a door on the left side of the staircase to open:

view of the secret door in the staircase

Go through, into a secret room:

view into the secret room

Secret two

Find this sitting area, which is located near the exit of the level:

view of the sitting room

Examine the set of fire irons.

view of the fire irons

USE the leftmost fire iron (notice: you don't see the usual graphic that shows you can use something):

view of the fire irons, with the secret triggered

This makes the fireplace move aside, revealing a secret chamber:

view of the fireplace with the secret room visible

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