:: Return to castle wolfenstein - credits

Contributors - general

Wombatx2754 for the VILLAGE1 "hidden staircase" secret and simplifications for the VILLAGE1 cornice and the SFM secret.
Chill Owt for the ESCAPE2 "weinkeller" secret.
pman for co-discovering VILLAGE1's second real secret.
Stuart Dunbar for co-discovering the FOREST secret.
webcmd for co-discovering the second CRYPT2 secret.
a friend for the ROCKET secret and for co-discovering the second CRYPT2 secret.
I'm to blame for everything else.

Contributors - the 5th secret in VILLAGE2

Lots of people found the treasure hidden in the room with the nice young lady in lingerie. As to why so many people were so familiar with this particular room is left as an exercise to the reader :)

So thanks to jk, Brain Leech, C, mailfuerdenpat, Aaron Ti, Stuart Dunbar, Lawrence G. Drew, Gregor Jaksa, Dana, runob, Joseph Abernethy, xavier Lafinesse, Jarred, and Jeffrey Malone.

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