:: Secrets for area CRYPT1

Secret one

Climb through the collapsed floor area

view down through the hole in the floor

and head through the door

view of an impressive runic door

at the T junction, head straight

view of an unimpressive T junction

you end up in a burial room. On the far wall there is a movable stone block - it's a button - press it

view of a button on the burial chamber wall

Pressing that button has opened a secret door in the neighbouring area - but that door only stays open for a few sections, so you need to sprint back to the T junction, and thus time turn right

view of the right turn through the unimpressive T junction

Which leads you into a large room, at the centre of which is a four-way crossing. Quickly head left here

view of the left turn

and sprint through the secret door before it closes

view of the secret door in the distance, still open

and into the secret chamber behind it

view of the secret room, with horny treasure and three runes on the wall

To escape, you need to hit that switch on the wall, which opens the secret door again.
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