:: Secrets for area ESCAPE1

Secret one

At the bottom of the spiral staircase in the main keep is a wooden wall. Destroy the wall.


view of the wooden wall


view of the space behind the destroyed wall

Secret two

In the room where you get the binoculars (there's a radio there too) there's a map on the wall; shoot it. Before:

view of the communications room


view once the map is gone

Secret three

There is a barrack room off the main courtyard. Between the bunks there's a depressed section of floor. Destroy this area.


view of the barrack room


view of the barrrack room with the secret area exposed

Secret four

After you've jumped through the shot-up floorboards, you end up in a hallway. At one end there's a bricked-up archway. Destroy this for access to a secret room.


view of the bricked-up archway


view of the opened-up archway

Secret five

Off the hallway with the suits of armour there is a smaller hallway, with a single room on the left and one on the right. In the left room there's portrait of Hitler. Destroy this.


view of portrait


view once portrait is gone

Secret six

In the room on the right of the same hallway, you'll see a fireplace, and opposite that two wall-mounted candelabra. The left candelabrum is tilted - "use" it and you'll cause the wall opposite (beside the fireplace) to open up, revealing a secret room behind the fireplace.


view of the tilted candelabra


view of the de-tilted candelabra

The secret door open:

view through open secret door

Secret seven

In the grey corridor just before the exit, there's two shallow archways shaped indentations on the wall. "Use" the left one, and a secret door opens in the right, revealting a spooky secret altar room.


view of the two archways


view with the righthand arch open, revealing the altar room

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