:: Secrets for area ESCAPE2

Secret one

Just after the start of the level, turn right and head to the end of the corridor. You end up in a dining room with a lit fireplace. This secret has a few stages, and is a little tough. Do the

Shoot the banner above the fireplace - before:

view of the banner


view with the banner gone

This exposes a little wooden hatch in the wall. Now go to the picture on the wall and "use" it - it slides aside. Then use the control that was hidden behind the picture - this makes the wooden hatch open:

view of the control behind the picture

If you stand on the table, you'll see that there are two gold bars hidden in the nook which was behind the hatch - but how to get them?

view of the room and the open treasure hatch

It's tempting to try to jump onto the mantle of the fireplace (perhaps using a chair) but it's just too high. You can still grab the gold (on the fly) by placing a chair right in front of the fireplace and jumping from it toward the nook. This image above shows a good position for the chair:

view with the chair in place before the fireplace

As you do jump, aim toward the gold bars and hit your "use" control repeatedly. With a bit of perseverance, you'll be able to grab both bars. Each gives you a "treasure" credit, and taking the bar on the right credits you with a "secret".

Secret two

One room has two pieces of equipment that might be generators, and a single barrel up against a wall. Shoot the barrel (from a safe distance, naturally) and it explodes, blowing a hole in the wall and allowing egress to the otherwise "verboten" room beyond.


view of the room with the barrel


view of the hole resulting from the barrel's explosion

Secret three

Adjoining the corridor with the three barrels is this room:

view of the plan room

Destroy the plan on the wall, and then the wall itself behind the plan, exposing a secret area.

view with the secret area exposed

To get the treasure (and be credited with finding the secret) you need to duck-jump into the aperture.

Secret four

In the winecellar, there is a button on the pillar between the barrels (on the side of the pillar that faces the door). The button is visible, but can be hard to see, especially given the default gamma value. Press this button and one of the wine racks on the left opens, to reveal a secret room.


view of the barrel room


view with the button pushed and the wine rack open

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