:: Secrets for area SWF

Secret one

Right at the very start of the level, you'll see a bunch of gas cylinders against a wall - shoot them to blow open a hole into a secret room

Before: view of the gas cylinders

After: view of the hole made by the gas cylinders' explosion

Secret two

Deeper into the facility you'll encounter a number of the Nazi's X-creatures, in this case "lopers" (the electric monster thingies). The last of these is confined to a locked pen - you'll have to open that pen and kill the loper (hint - the Reich appears to make its immortal super soldiers out of cheap plastic, so zap them briefly with the flamethrower and then retire to a safe distance while they burn up).

In the pen where you killed that last loper

view of the loper pen

you'll notice a crack in the far wall. Shoot the crack, creating a larger hole

view of the hole in the loper pen wall

and you'll get access to a secret room beyond

view of the secret room

Secrets three and four

In the area that you come to just before the sub pen, you'll find this flooded shaft:

view of the entrance to the flooded area

Dive into the water, and behind those pipes you'll find a grate:

view of the breakable grate

Destroy the grate:

view of the broken grate

and swim through it, and then up to the first secret area:

view of the secret area beyond the water

Now climb that ladder and walk around the passageways until you find this hatch:

view of the hatch

Open the hatch to reveal a large valve:

view of the valve behind the hatch

Turn the valve and retrace your steps back to dry land. You'll discover that the valve has flooded the second shaft (located near to the first shaft):

view of the newly flooded shaft

Now dive into this shaft - between the two main sections of it you'll find this small opening in the ceiling:

view of the opening in the ceiling

swim into it and climb the ladder:

view of the ladder

and you'll emerge at a second secret area:

view of the secret ammo room

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