:: Secrets for area TRAINYARD

Secret one

This secret area is located in one of the cars of the train - it contains two treasure items (which appear to be gold bars, but which intelligence believes may actually be foil-covered chocolate - handle accordingly).

The treasure is in plain sight from beside the train, but it isn't possible to climb in from ground level. Instead, you need to enter the building beside the train and eliminate any opposition you encounter there. Once that's done, make your way to the roof section that overlooks the train:

view of the train from above

From here, jump up onto the wall and banister above the train

view as we jump down onto the train

You'll see from here that there's an open hatch on the roof of our desired traincar - jump down onto the train (you'll take a little damage from this)

view into the hatchway from the train roof

and then enter the train via the hatch

view of the treasure inside the train

Secret two

In the warehouse, you'll find this area

view of the inaccesible gantry

Ideally, friendly Fritz the guard would move that moving platform over for us, but he's not playing, so we need to climb up on the banister

view from the bannister

and sprint-jump over ourselves (the picture below shows the view back over the void which we've just jumped):

view back from gantry

then jump over to the fixed platform - before:

view of the fixed platform


view from the fixed platform into the control room

lastly we can thank Fritz personally for his unhelpful attitude and enter the secret area

view of the secret control room

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