:: Secrets for area VILLAGE1

Secret one

Find the room pictured below:

view of library

If you look at the ground in the centre of the room, you'll see it's made up of a bunch of sections - to activate this, examine the bookcases carefully - you'll see that one book sticks out a little further than the others. "use" this book


view of book in bookcase


view once book has been pushed in

and the central area of the floor opens up, forming a staircase down to a hidden underground chamber

view down through the open floor into the hidden chamber

Secret two

Find the courtyard pictured below:

view of the small courtyard with tree

The secret area is that little balcony. To get there, you first need to jump onto the banister here:

view of the bannister beside the stair

and from there onto the pillar and then to the balcony itself. The balcony has a couple of health packs.

view from the secret balcony

Non-secret area

This area is pretty difficult to find, but the game doesn't credit it as an official secret.

Find the courtyard pictured below. It is guarded by a couple of snipers, who shoot down from high windows.

view of the courtyard

You'll see the two short pillars beside the small staircase. Grab a chair from one of the adjoining areas, and put it onto one of these pillars (the one nearer the wall is probably the easier choice).

view of a chair on a small pillar

Then jump onto the other small pillar and from there onto the chair

view from the chair

from there it's a tricky but doable jump onto the porch above the door

view from the porch

and then onto the cornice. Once on the cornice you can walk around the courtyard, and enter each sniper's room by its window. The rooms contain a variety of weapons and health.


Wombatx2754 found a much easier way up to the cornice - in the same courtyard, if you look carefully (and have the brightness/gamma setting turned up a bit) you'll notice that the downpipe near the exit has rungs on it - it's a ladder

view of the wall with the ladder

climb it

from from the ladder

and you'll be up on the same cornice.
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