:: Secrets for area VILLAGE2

Secret one

In Hauptman's office, there is a picture of Hitler:


Shoot it, revealing a switch:


Pull the switch:


and a secret door opens on the wall opposite:

secret door

allowing access to a secret room:

secret room

Secret two

It looks like the room that sniper used isn't accessible:

sniper window

But hey - we can climb this drainpipe:


and then jump onto the window box before entering the sniper's room. Oh, looks like he's asleep:


The room itself is a secret area:


As an added bonus, Dr Merkwurdigliebe will now go for his evening walk. If only there was some way we could show him our appreciation of his nice velvet smoking jacket:


Secret three

Find this cellar door:

cellar door

It's padlocked.


Shoot the padlock off, and go through to the ladder:


go down the ladder, walk along the passage, and up a second ladder:


which takes is into Dr Merkwurdigliebe's backroom.


(note: if you solve secret three before secret two, the good Doctor will be working in his lab).

Secret four

Go down to the winecellar:


The bung on the left barrel is suspicious - push it:

bung bung bung bung BUNG

this makes a secret door open in the wall to the left of the barrels:

secret door

go through to enter a secret chamber:

chamber of secrets

Secret five

In the room with the attractive lingerie lady, there's a box at the foot of the bed:

lady, lingerie, box

Kick open the box, to reveal some treasure:


Notice - the lingerie lady is no longer cowering in fear, but is much more friendly. Ladies like men who're good at kicking stuff, apparently.

hello, soldier

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