:: Secrets for area CRYPT2

Secret one

Find the cross, picured below:

view of the intact cross

Staying a little out of the way, shoot the cross. It falls over and smashes through the floor, opening a passage to a hidden chamber underneath:

view after the cross has fallen through the floor

Secret two

In the large chamber with the three rather nasty traps, you'll flip some switches and you can ride the central pillar up to the gallery level.

view of the large chamber

There is a secret on the gallery level, but you access it by flipping the switches downstairs in the correct order. The order isn't obvious, but you did receive a clue in the previous area - each trap has an icon above its entrance, and the order to flip them in is shown in the second CRYPT1 secret (see the last frame on that page).

First, hit the switch that is protected by the swinging-spike thingy

view of the 'eye' door

then the switch protected by the spike-pit and clashing rocks trap

view of the 'scorpion' door

and finally the switch that's in the rotating knives room

view of the 'snake-ankh' door

Then ride the moving pillar up to the gallery and flip the switch inside the large alcove

view of the switch alcove

This makes two zombies smash their way through the opposite wall. Kill them and go to the holes from which they emerged

view of the zombie hole

You can go through the holes into a secret treasure chamber

view into the secret treasure chamber

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